Site Features & Posting Guidelines

Hi there again! If you are reading this message, then you are a registered member of the site who is also subscribed to the NAIL group. This message does not appear to the general public, because it is only relevant to group members. Here are the general site features and posting guidelines:
  • Only site members can post messages to the site. If you are a member, and you are unable to post, you might not be logged in.
  • When you post to the site, you can choose whether you want to make your post viewable only to the group, or to the entire public.
    To make the post viewable only to NAIL, remove the mark from the Public checkbox at the end of the form. Make sure the checkbox next to NAIL is on.
  • If you make your posting public, then anyone who replies to that post will have their comments publicly available too. So, think carefully when making this choice, and also when replying to a public topic.
  • You can attach files to your posts (photos, documents, etc). Please, be considerate of disc space when posting photos. I will post some photo guidelines shortly, but in general photos should be smaller than 1MB (1000KB). Same thing for Word and Excel files.
  • Group topics are not "organized" yet, so please use descriptive topics to help people find relevant posts! For example, if you have a new idea about something, don't write "new idea" as your subject line, but rather describe it: "idea for how to take photos of frogs." If the post is about a meeting, give the subject line the date meeting, and so on.
  • Stuck? In trouble? Send email to tmrg (the site admin). Click on the link to TMRG anywhere you find it on this site and send an email. I won't print the email address out here, because that simply invites spam.
  • OH, and finally... it's a good idea not to print user's emails in your public postings for the very same reason. If you are trying to deliver valuable contact information, then make your posting private.
Happy Posting!
August 29, 2005