Welcome! MRG/NAIL Signup Instructions

Hi everyone: If you are reading this post, then you've found your way to the Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging (NAIL) group on our website. We hope that this website serves a valuable purpose for the group. Because only members can participate in this group (and post on the website), we are publishing these guidelines to describe how to sign up: Registering
  1. If you are on this page, you should see a "User Login" form on the right side. Click on the "Create New Account" link.
  2. On the registration form, fill our your desired user name.
    Note: We ask that for community building reasons, you use your entire first and last name as your user name. If that name is already taken, try your middle initial.
  3. Enter the email address that you want your account details to be sent to.
  4. Check the box next to "Subscribe to NAIL" in order to be a member of the NAIL Group.
    This might seem redundant, but eventually we will have multiple groups on this site with specific purposes, so you also want to be a member of the NAIL group.
  5. Click the Create New Accountbutton
    You will see a message on the screen that tells you your membership is awaiting approval, but that signup details have been mailed to you.
Signing On Follow these steps to sign on for the first time (Important!):
  1. Wait for the second confirmation email to be sent to you.
    You will receive one email containing your first-time password, and a second email indicating that you can begin posting to the NAIL group. This 2nd email is your indication that your account has been approved.
  2. Use the password sent in your first email to sign on.
  3. Immediately click on the My Account link on the left, and click on the Edit tab under your name
  4. In your account details form, type in a new password in the form.
    You must enter the password twice. Pick something that is easy to remember, but also a mix of letters and numbers. Please avoid names or phrases that you might find in a standard dictionary.
    You're done! You can begin reading the NAIL posts, commenting on them, and adding your own topics.
August 29, 2005