Clarification of County Planning Role/Aldercroft Grading Question

NAIL would like to correct any negative impression that readers may have formed via our web posting regarding the role of Santa Clara County planning department members and the watershed road grading in Aldercroft Heights.

The planning department did not accuse SJWC of building a logging road in violation of NTMP/CDF regulations.  Upon hearing of the creekside roadwork activity of SWJC, the planning department made agency contacts on its own to determine the veracity and extent of any violations, and encouraged concerned citizens to make those same contacts.

The County Planning department, along with California Department of Fish and Game and Santa Clara Water District representatives did visit the roadwork site on Monday morning, November 7. A report on the Planning Department findings  has not been issued as of Tuesday afternoon November 8.  Any claims by SJWC about the findings from that inspection are premature prior to the issuance of the report.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District did issue a report memo on November 8 which stated: "I asked if they had a winterization plan and there was not.  At the end of the project the bank had been built up significantly. This is the area of most concern. Having this large unprotected earthen bank without having a winterization plan has the highest exposure for erosion.  There were woodchips deposited in the bottom of the flood plain.  Chris explained that this was a miscommunication with the contractor and that the chips should have been disposed of off site."

San Jose Water is also being asked to apply hay and other protective methods on the site, and to rebuild part of a creek bank that is now open to erosion.  The Department of Fish and Game has responsibility for overseeing this work.

NAIL will publish the full findings of the county report should it be made available to the public.

The planning department assures residents that they maintain an impartial role in such issues and that they strive to bring together relevant agencies for resolution.

NAIL considers its relationship with Santa Clara County planners and officials to be one of value and integrity and we appreciate their time and efforts.

Terry Clark
November 8, 2005