Concerns About Private Water Company Take-Overs

Please go to the website: and learn about the increasing problems some California resident water users are having with private water companies that take over their systems.  Click on the headline "Small Towns Tell a Cautionary Tale of the Privatization of Water" to read the detailed story.

This information published in the L.A. Times focuses on a problem springing up all over the state and is relevant to Santa Cruz Mountain residents supported by small,local systems that are attractive takeover targets for larger, private water companies such as San Jose Water Co. 

With a heavy for-profit emphasis that could put the cost of water beyond the reach of low-income households.  Privatization of water in the growing trend can pose a threat to important watershed land stewardship  with conservation responsibilities reverting to large multi-national corporations.

 SJWC is mentioned in the article. 

Terry Clark
May 30, 2006