Critical Information/Loma Resident Letter to SJWC

John Tang
San Jose Water Company
1265 South Bascom Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128

Dear Mr. Tang:

Steve and I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you and Andy Morse of Big Creek Lumber yesterday. The following summarizes information you provided:

1. San Jose Water (SJW) acknowledges that its helicopter logging will violate the County Noise Ordinance.

2. SJW refuses to be subject to the County Noise Ordinance and will not insert any language in the plan requiring it to comply with that law.

3. SJW’s logging plan contains no limitations on the duration of logging in each area.

4. SJW refuses to insert in the plan any limitations on how long it can log each area.

5. SJW has elected to locate a helicopter landing and service area within 900 yards of the elementary school.

6. SJW made no attempt to contact the school administration prior to filing its plan.

7. SJW has decided to locate another helicopter landing within 150 yards of Loma Prieta Avenue.

8. SJW made no attempt to contact residents in the Loma Prieta neighborhood prior to filing its plan, except to ask a few residents if they would allow their property to be used for a landing site.

9. SJW will conduct its logging operations using twin-engine, twin-rotor Chinook helicopter airships.

10. It is evident that SJW has made no attempt to determine how loud noises over a sustained period adversely impacts children. It did not consider how such noise disrupts their sleep, impairs their development, generates fears, impairs their hearing, or impacts learning ability.

11. In fact, SJW has the opinion that generating helicopter noise near schools and homes at levels not permitted under County law over a sustained period does not constitute a significant adverse environmental impact.

12. SJW executive officers reviewed and approved this logging plan.

13. SJW acknowledges that the forest contains old growth redwood trees.

14. SJW has made no attempt to determine the number of old growth trees in the forest.

15. SJW will log old growth trees when its logging contractors determine that it is not feasible, due to operational or safety concerns, to allow them to stand. Also, although SJW has stated that the FAA strictly regulates helicopter operations, neither you nor Mr. Morse were familiar with such regulations and could not provide any information regarding them. You agreed to look into the issue and provide information to me following our meeting.

If you believe that we have misunderstood your statements regarding the information described above, please contact me at your earliest opportunity. Please note that the purpose of this letter is to confirm information you provided on issues of greatest concern to us. It does not purport to describe all of the comments and opinions expressed by you and Mr. Morse during our meeting.

Jim Cracolice

cc: Richard Roth, San Jose Water Company
Terry Clark
December 18, 2005