Expressing Yourselves About the Logging

Public expression from residents opposing the SJWC watershed logging plan is extremely important. We encourage you to write letters, make phone calls, talk to your neighbors and keep this topic alive and addressed as we move forward.

NAIL appreciates the efforts of the many residents who wrote letters to The Los Gatos Weekly, expressing your views regarding the coverage of the September 11 meeting and the omissions and inaccuracies connected to that article.

You may have seen in this week's new edition, that an editorial was written by The Weekly, chastizing a percentage of you who responded vigorously. It is unfortunate that The Weekly took this tone and that once again those who take a public stand against logging are characterized as emotionally out of control. The Weekly did print two of the many letters that they received.

Please do not let The Weekly's editorial, justifying their inaccurate article, deter you from appropriate public dissent on this topic. Your comments keep this issue in the public eye and let officials as well as SJWC know how you feel about the plan and the threat that it presents to fire, water, our environment and quality of life.

However, it is timely that we ask citizens to make sure that you comment and proceed in a manner that is appropriate. Our community did receive some accurate negative coverage in The Weekly article when some members of the audience on Sept. 11 called SJWC and Big Creek speakers "idiots" and "liars" in the presence of the reporter.

Please make sure that your dissenting comments do not personally insult others or include language and intent that will only be perceived as out of control by the press and other observing attendees. That won't help.

This week there are meetings at Redwood Esates to discuss a business issue between the Redwood Estates Mutual Water Company and SJWC. This business issue has no direct bearing on the logging plan, and is a water-related issue to be debated between residents of Redwood Estates and their water board. The meeting is for residents only and is not a venue in which NAIL sees any value attending.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing public and private support.

NAIL Steering Committee

Terry Clark
September 27, 2005