Great Resident Feedback Re: LG Weekly Article


I am not sure what meeting that Jennifer McLain attended when reporting for the article "Mountain residents NAIL Big Creek logging proposal" appearing in the Sept. 21, 2005 Los Gatos Weekly Times edition.

It certainly was not the same one that I attended. I did not hear anyone cursing or calling anyone a liar or irresponsible. I think that the issues were presented in a clear and reasonable fashion. I did learn that there are extensive concerns about the project and yes it will effect me and my neighbors IF it happens.

I also noticed that Jennifer's article did not mention where she lives. Let's say for argument's sake that she lives in Los Gatos. What would her reaction be if "the tranquility of her neighborhood was replaced with the roar of chainsaws and the trees in her surrounding neighborhood and backyard were reduced to stumps." Oh, and by the way, logging operations are also planned 100 feet from 3 different schools and right next to the park in my neighborhood.

What would the Los Gatos residents say if the cost of water, provided by San Jose Water Company, doubled as a result of landsides or other impacts to their drinking water? Or if the homes in and around Los Gatos burned to the ground as a result of significantly increased fire hazard? All strong possibilities for the sake of a few extra dollars in someone's pocket.

I wonder what goals that San Jose Water Company, Tang and Berlage have in mind? I don't think that they are the same as mine. What about you?

Sue Levy

Terry Clark
September 25, 2005