Important Court Decision Affects Logging and Waterways

The Tuesday, January 31 issue of the San Jose Mercury News contains an article that may impact the SJWC logging plan in the Santa Cruz mountains. The article is entitled:

Supreme court ruling goes against loggers



The article states that the Calfiornia Supreme Court has just upheld the authority of state water regulators with regard to monitoring water quality in streams and rivers affected by timber companies engaged in logging.

The impact of this ruling is that logging companies may be required to demonstrate that erosion from their logging will not clog waterways with mud and other debris, a practice that can kill salmon and increase the risk of flooding downstream.

The safety and water quality of Los Gatos Creek, Lexington reservoir and the drinking water of the valley community served by these waterways and this important, forested watershed land is one of the four prime objections that NAIL has expressed in response to the SJWC logging permit application.

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Terry Clark
January 31, 2006