Inspirational Words

Below are excerpts from Terry Tempest Williams author of The Open Space of Democracy.  It is just $8 and I recommend it for inspiration.  She speaks of the Castle Valley fight to save open space in her community.  If you are unfamiliar with her work, she is a thoughtful, wise and extremely talented nature writer. Her work is pragmatic, romantic, honest, alive, heroic, humble, and inspirational. She speaks of the collaboration, the humor, the perseverance and the successes around Castle Valley. When reading about the Castle Valley struggle I thought of NAIL.

 Jodi Frediant, Citizens for Responsible Forest Management

"If we listen to the land, we will know what to do.

There is a particular juniper tree, not so far from our house, that I sit under frequently. This tree shelters my thoughts and brings harmony to mind.  I consult this tree by simply seeking its company.  No words are spoken.  Sensations come into my body and I recognize this cellular awakening as an organic form of listening, the spiritual cohesion one feels in places like the Arctic on such a grand scale.  A throbbing intelligence passes from this tree into my bloodstream and I remember my animal body that has evolved alongside my consciousness as a human being. This form of engagement reveals familial ties and I honor this tree's standing in the community.  We share a pact of survival.  I used to be embarrassed to speak of these things, my private correspondences with trees and birds and deer, for fear of seeming mad.  But now, it seems mad not to speak of these things -- our unspoken intimacies with Other.

Open lands open minds.

In the open space of democracy, we are listening--ears alert--we are watching--eyes open--registering patterns and possibiliites for engagement. Some acts are private; some are public.  Our oscillations between local, national, and global gestures map the full range of our movement.  Our strength lies in our imagination, and paying attention to what sustains life, rather than what destroys it."

Terry Clark
November 14, 2005