Letters to the California Department of Forestry

Dear Neighbors and Concerned Citizens,

The NAIL Steering Committee and CRFM's Jodi Frediani on behalf of NAIL have sent three letters to the California Department of Forestry (CDF). Please take a minute to review these letters which are posted on this website:  

In essence, we believe that the NTMP as filed by the San Jose Water Company is fraught with problems and should be rejected, and any Pre-Harvest Inspections, or Public Hearings should be delayed until the issues raised in each of the letters are addressed.

The CDF works to protect us and indeed it is their mission. Please take a minute to write a short letter to the CDF and let them know that you support the request that we are making in the letters. You can address your letters to:

Leslie Markham
Division Chief, Forest Practice
California Department of Forestry
135 Ridgeway Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Thank You,

The NAIL Steering Committee

Terry Clark, Debra Daly, Kevin Flynn, Rea Freedom, Rebecca Moore,  Rick Pariftt, 
& Linda Wallace

Debbie Daly
November 24, 2005