Letters to Metro Editor Re: SJWC Herbicide Spraying

The following two letters appeared in the Silicon Valley Metro, Dec. 13, 2006 issue.  The letters refer to an article published by Metro writer Vrinda Normand. 

Letters to the Editor

What Else Are They Hiding?

Thank you for the clear and concise report about the spraying of Roundup by S.J. Water Co. in the Santa Cruz Mountain watershed ("A Leg Up on Loggers," MetroNews, Dec. 6).

This is a company that sends out nine pages of Q and A when asked why they are considering jeopardizing this watershed with a commercial logging operation.

Here's a quote in response to one question, "Won't logging affect endangered species?" SJWC: "The plan area has been inspected and surveyed by a consulting wildlife biologist as well as a consulting botanist. They have provided recommendations for the protection of a wide variety of plants and animals and their reports and recommendations are incorporated into the NTMP."

They fail to acknowledge their prior use of a pesticide that is so damaging to the environment, specifically the red-legged frog. I wonder what else they have failed to acknowledge?

C. Lee McKenzie, Los Gatos



NAILed It!

Re NAIL vs. San Jose Water: A very good article about the endless corporate greed that threatens our water, environment, and quality of life. Big Creek, like all other loggers, are very paranoid about any limitations, however reasonable, put on their freedom to cut anywhere they desire. Along with the fact that the "watchdogs" of California timber operations are the desperately pro-logging Department of Forestry (no logging permits = no DOF jobs), it is very heartening to see organized groups of citizens like NAIL fight these base profiteers like San Jose Water tooth and NAIL. There is a lot more to this story than has surfaced; keep up the digging!

Ted Gehrke, Los Gatos


Terry Clark
December 17, 2006