Master Plan Map from Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District

San Jose Water has not yet made public a definitive map showing where they want
to log. However, they are required by law to include such maps when they submit
their proposal. They have stated that they plan to submit their logging
proposal this week.

In the meantime, attached is a map prepared by Midpeninsula
Regional Open Space District (MROSD) which shows the land owned by SJW in this

I will also soon post a map I've made which shows detailed parcel
boundaries in the area.

Standard map disclaimer: as with all maps posted here,
please keep in mind that their accuracy may not be 100% perfect....for example,
they may not be current if SJW has acquired or sold parcels since the MROSD map
was made last year (I have no reason to think that SJW has done this, just
mentioning it as an example.) We assume that the authors of any maps posted on
this site have made a good faith effort to ensure accuracy, and are not
responsible nor liable for any mistakes herein. (End of disclaimer!)

Rebecca Moore
August 31, 2005