NAIL Fundraiser Event - Oct 16

Ed Dennis, mountain resident and owner of Lupin Naturist Club has created a fine fall event to raise funds benefiting NAIL’s anti-logging activities. Dennis has offered his facility to the mountain community on this Sunday, October 16, 10AM to 10PM. Lupin is located at 20600 Aldercroft Heights Road. Clothing is required at this event.

The first band will be playing at noon and a ten o'clock festival start gives time for people to be fashionably late and still get all the music. The outside music will go on until dusk and the last event, the "NAIL Barn Dance," will be held inside the Clubhouse Restaurant with its upscale array of night club lighting, ample autumnal decorations and ongoing Art Show.

The charge to get into the NAIL Benefit BBQ, Barn Dance and Mountain Music Festival will be $10 for adults, $5 for teenagers and seniors, and free for children accompanied by their parents.

Admission to the NAIL Festival allows admission just to the NAIL Festival Area and not the entire 110 acres of Lupin. All proceeds beyond the actual cost for bands and raw food and drink will go to NAIL! Lupin is supplying the grounds, restaurant, lawns, stage, promotional materials, tickets, wrist bands, and personnel at no charge.

There are plans to erect a 12' x 20' canvas canopy (or two) a White Elephant NAIL Sale. The idea is for people to donate their unwanted but valuable "white elephants" to NAIL to sell at the event. Any items of particular value will be put up for a silent auction. Anything that does not sell, we should either auction or give away at the Barn Dance.

There will also be colorful NAIL helium balloons for sale, games that people can pay to play. Please come and contribute to Lupin's NAIL fundraiser, and enjoy a fun day.

Terry Clark
October 13, 2005