NAIL Fundraising/URGENT

Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging is in need of financial support to continue the effort to stop the NTMP in our community.

Your financial contribution will allow us to pay for experts who are assisting us as we fight this plan. We also need contributions to help pay for flyer postage and other operational expenses.

Please consider sending whatever you can spare to:
P.O. box 1975
Los Gatos, CA 95031

Checks should be made out to NAIL.

You may also bring your contribution to the October 2 meeting at the Loma Prieta gymnasium.

We are interested in being contacted by anyone who has ideas about fundraising, special skills in fundraising or would like to volunteer some time in this area.

Small fundraising efforts are very appreciated. If you have a way of raising funds in your neighborhood, please run your own NAIL fundraiser and let us know the results!

Thank you everyone.

NAIL Steering Committee

Terry Clark
September 25, 2005