NAIL Status Update

May 24, 2006

As of this posting date the San Jose Water Company NTMP re-submittal has not occurred, but NAIL believes that the submittal will happen soon.

We want to let NAIL members and residents know that just as we sought to stop the NTMP during the first submittal, NAIL will continue efforts to stop the NTMP during this second submittal round when it does occur.  The NAIL Steering Committee has been meeting regularly and continuing our planning process.

We have a number of partners in our efforts, including the Sierra Club and the thousands of people from valley communities who have signed our petitions.  We have also received offers of public support from a number of respected and well known individuals prepared to speak on NAIL's behalf if the NTMP is submitted.

Please re-commit yourself to stopping this ecologically devastating plan and to supporting the retention of un-logged and responsibly managed forest land acreage here in our mountains.  For further information and announcement of NAIL activities and meetings please continue to visit this site.

Financial donations to support NAIL’s work are welcomed.  Please use the convenient PayPal link on the NAIL home page.  

Thank you.

NAIL Steering Committee

Terry Clark
May 25, 2006