Hello Everyone,

Here's an update on efforts to stop the logging along the Los Gatos Creek watershed. A great deal has happened in the month since the first community meeting on September 11. With the logging plan about to be submitted we're all going to have to work very hard and very quickly to protect our community. We're facing a critical junction in our fight. The hard work is about to begin. Now's the time to let our elected officials know about our concerns. Now's the time to write letters to the newspapers. Now's the time to raise critical funds. Remember, if the plan is approved we can expect logging to continue in our backyards forever -with no way to stop it once it's begun.

What's new:
- Our community is already having an affect. The outpouring of public concern lead the San Jose Water Company and Big Creek Lumber to postpone their logging proposal. Originally, they planned on submitting the NTMP (Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan) on September 10. We understand that a revised plan is to be submitted on October 14.
- Another successful community meeting was held on October 2. Over 150 people showed up at the Loma Prieta School on Summit Road.
- The petition drive continues. We've collected over 600 signatures. NAIL members have been at the Los Gatos Farmers Market collecting signatures and educating the community.
- Fundraising efforts have begun. These funds will be used to hire outside experts on forestry and water management issues as well as defray legal costs. Much money has already been spent on the two mailings sent to all households in the 95033 zip code.
- Legal efforts to stop the plan are already underway, with help from lawyers in our community and the Stanford University Environmental Law Clinic.
- Media outreach continues with major Bay Area media outlets. Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article <a href=""> here</a>.
Expect to see more stories in area newspapers.
- NAIL members have presented at meetings of the Los Gatos City Council and Loma Prieta School Board.
- Meetings have been held with members of the Santa Clara County Board Of Supervisors and the Santa Clara County Fire Department.

What you can do:
- Attend the NAIL meeting this Friday, October 10 at the Chemeketa Park Clubhouse on Comanche Trail.
- Attend the fund-raising event on Sunday, October 16 at Lupin off Aldercroft Heights Road. While Lupin is normally clothing-optional, this will be a 'clothed' event. Admission for the NAIL Benefit BBQ, Barn Dance and Mountain Music Festival will be $10 for adults, $5 for teenagers and seniors and free for children accompanied by their parents. There will be live music, food and games. The event runs from 10 AM to 10PM.
- Read a summary of the reasons we oppose logging at <a href="">this post</a>.
- Write letters to the media: <a href="">San Jose Mercury News</a> and <a href= "">Los Gatos Weekly Times</a>.
- Write letters to elected officials: Addresses can be found at <a href="">this post</a>.
- Collect signatures for the petition drive. The petition is at <a href="">this post</a>.
- Help with the fundraising. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to NAIL, P.O. Box 1975, Los Gatos, CA, 95031
- Plan to attend the public input meetings for the NTMP. Notice will be sent to everyone on this list as soon as the date is determined.
- Send this email to anyone and everyone who is concerned about what is being planned for the Los Gatos Creek watershed.

Thanks again for all your help!

Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging

Terry Clark
October 13, 2005