Overview of NTMP Process

45 day minimum review period from the date the initial inspection is completed, or from the date an accepted NTMP is filed, if the Director determines an inspection is not necessary (1090.18)

Timber Harvest Review Process
Domestic Water Supply Inquiry: Property owners should respond w/in 10 days:
• to alert submitter of domestic water use from a water course within the NTMP or within 1000 ft down stream
• to request mitigations to prevent adverse effects to their water source.

Notice of Intent and Plan Submittal: CDF has 10 days to do 1st review

First Review & Acceptance for filing: Plan rejected or accepted for filing
County Supervisor should request night-time public hearing at an easily accessible location

Pre-Harvest Inspection (PHI): to take place w/in 10 days of plan filing.

  • Various Review Team members conduct a site visit. 
  • Review Team is led by CDF. 
  • Advisory members include: 
  • California Geological Survey (CGS)
  • Department of Fish and Game (DFG)
  • San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board (SFRWQCB)
  • Santa Clara County Planning Department

Public Hearing:

  • This is the chance for the community to voice concerns
  • Not a Q & A session (CDF gathers info)
  • Usually little or no presentation of issues 
  • Speakers have from 3-5 minutes each
  • CDF must address in writing every significant environmental, public health, & safety concern raised

Review Team Meeting (Review Team):

  • Agencies discuss Registered Professional Forester’s (RPF) response to PHI requests
  • Takes place in Santa Rosa
  • Public can sit in and listen via conference line from Felton CDF office (limited public attendance) Take notes; tape record
  • Issues are hammered out here
  • Public may have the opportunity to ask questions of RT members
  • CDF prepares Review Team Recommendations
  • County (DFG) can non-concur w/in 5 days

Close of Public Comment:
Ten days after last significant info is received by CDF (RPF responses, etc.)
Call CDF to confirm date (831-335-6740)
Send comment letters to CDF prior to date:

CDF Director approves plan
CDF has 15 days to prepare Official Response to Comments (often takes longer)
Can be obtained from CDF or is sent to those who submitted comments

Official Response to Comments


Board of Supervisors can vote to appeal the plan
Need to get vote of Board of Supervisors before Decision Date
Board of Forestry decides whether or not to hear appeal
Board of Forestry holds public hearing on appeal (Sacto)
Rarely upholds appeal


Terry Clark
October 26, 2005