Real facts of all kinds are of course key in sorting out the practical implications and legal issues that would be confronted by the expected SSWW/Big Creek Lumber proposal to log in Los Gatos Creek Canyon from the south end of Lexington Reservoir to Summit Road and also on Thompson Road. Population is one such fact.

The population of ZIP Code 95033 (mountain area south of Los Gatos, California) in the 2000 census was 10,170 persons.

The attached map shows the portion of the Los Gatos Creek Watershed from roughly Lexington Dam south/southwest to Summit Road, a part of ZIP 95033 which is Los Gatos Creek Canyon. The population of this part of the Los Gatos Creek Watershed at the time of the 2000 census was approximately 3,880 persons.

Of course these population numbers have changed since the 2000 census. One would guess that they have increased, perhaps significantly, but that would be speculation. The 2000 numbers are hard facts.

While important to know, the population numbers in these specific defined areas themselves do not nearly begin to identify all of the other people, the public agencies and the public (and private) interests that would or are likely to be negatively impacted by proposed logging in what all of us have always been lead to believe by its custodian/owners and our public officials to be a very highly sensitive and treasured watershed in need of the highest possible protection. Hum, somehow one senses some incongruity here.

The census numbers and the attached map have been developed as a courtesy by a friend:
Jeanne Gobalet, Ph.D., Principal
Lapkoff & Gobalet Demographic Research, Inc.

This attribution is of course not meant as an ad for Dr. Gobalet, but as a very hearty "thank you" for her fine work

William Moore
September 21, 2005