Report Summary: NAIL Steering Committee Meets with Don Gage

On August 10 the NAIL Steering Committee met with Santa Clara County Supervisor Don Gage and his staff to discuss the county’s status with regard to the logging permit

The Steering Committee was assured that Supervisor Gage, his aides and county staff are closely following the status and process of the logging permit request.  The county has continued to retain attorney Tom Lippe, an expert in opposing bad logging plans.  Mr. Lippe has retained a number of experts in key areas to work with him. 

Santa ClaraCounty’s in-house legal counsel is also reviewing the impact of the recent state Supreme Court decision ruling in favor of counties with regard to regulating where logging may occur.  Supervisor Gage is awaiting the results of that review as well as recommendations by his staff. 

As always we encourage residents to contact the CountyBoard of Supervisors as a whole and/or District 1 Supervisor Don Gage to express your views about the logging plan and the county’s role in prohibiting logging.  

Santa Clara County Supervisor
Don Gage
County Government Center      
70 West Hedding Street
San Jose, CA. 95110


Residents should also contact the county requesting that the important, upcoming Public Hearing facilitated by CDF, be scheduled for a time, place and date that allows the affected public to attend.  The County is charged with making that request.  Please watch your e-mail for an imminent communication from the Steering Committee on this critical issue.



Terry Clark
August 16, 2006