Response to Letter in Mountain Network News

Despite the many attempts by San Jose Water Company and certain individuals to characterize NAIL members as uninformed and one-sided, NAIL has worked continuously to provide residents with factual, researched and documented information about the dangers of this logging plan. NAIL made the decision not to post on our website the multi-paged FAQ sent to us by San Jose Water because we believed much of the "information" in the FAQ was public relations "spin" designed to obfuscate the true facts and pacify the community about the impact of the logging plan. We believed that the true facts and the true story would be reflected in the wording of the NTMP. Indeed, now that the NTMP is public it can be validated that San Jose Water Co.'s FAQ "story" does not match their intent via the permit language.

NAIL Steering Committee:

Terry Clark, Debbie Daly, Kevin Flynn, Rea Freedom, Rebecca Moore, Rick Parfitt, Linda Wallace

Terry Clark
October 31, 2005