SJ Water Already Creating Logging Roads

Residents in the Aldercroft Heights area have been concerned about extensive road grading work being done on SJWC land adjacent to Aldercroft Heights Road at the Alma/Aldercroft junction. Although pipe replacement work has been done on Alma Bridge Road near that junction, it appears that SJWC utilized work crews already in the area to do some widening, grading and extension of a small dirt lane that has existed untouched for decades, used primarily by their security guard trucks.

On Friday Nov. 4, a resident contacted a Santa Clara County planning department employee regarding the grading work going on at the Alma Bridge/Aldercroft intersection.  The planning department contact was not aware of a permitted grading job in that area and promised to phone back the resident.  A few hours later the planner called and said that SJWC has apparently jumped the gun on creating a road for logging, and has started creating a road not in the NTMP and certainly not approved.  The planner called CDF and they apparently said they would tell SJWC to stop. NAIL will follow up with the county grading permit engineering department.

Concerned residents should contact District 1 Supervisor Don Gage at 408-299-5010 (phone,) 408-295-6993 (fax,) or at and voice their opinions.

Terry Clark
November 5, 2005