Valley Water District Cites Reason for Safeguarding Watershed Lands

The San Jose Mercury News Wednesday, February 15 issue features an editorial opinion written by Larry Wilson, chairman of the Santa Clara Valley Water District board of directors.  Wilson's article, entitled Global warming threatens smug attitude about water supply offers an intelligent commentary about the importance of protecting the county's groundwater basins and watersheds, reservoirs, pipelines, groundwater recharge ponds, and other water-related sources so that the valley will have water available for its citizens in years to come.


NAIL supports this rational thinking and so continues to oppose San Jose Water Company's plan to log between 40 and 60 percent of the mature redwood and Douglas fir trees from the richly forested and sloped watershed lands surrounding Lexington Reservoir. To read Larry Wilson's editorial, please go to:

Terry Clark
February 15, 2006