Watershed Land Stewardship Concerns

Mountain resident Mike Accorsi sent a letter to the Los Gatos Weekly,  published in the January 25 issue.  The letter addresses his concerns over huge piles of graded dirt left near Los Gatos Creek in the Aldercroft Heights area.

The dirt piles were formed by contractors working for San Jose Water Company and sit on SJWC watershed land above and close to the creek.   The piles have not been attended to for many weeks during this wet season.  Residents feel concern regarding erosion from the dirt  into the creek.  In his editorial letter Accorsi references a complaint against SJWC that has now been made to the Public Utilities Commission in Sacramento.

L.G. Creek is a key water source flowing out of the mountains into Lexington Reservoir and serving the Santa Clara Valley. To read Mike's letter, click  here (LGWT Letters page). 

Terry Clark
January 26, 2006