Why the name "NAIL"?

FYI, in response to several questions, here's the reasoning behind my original suggestion (back in early August) of the name "Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging" (NAIL) for our group....please see email below.

From: Rebecca Moore
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 1:53 AM
To: 'TerryClark'
Subject: RE: Mountain Residents test email (please reply)

Hi Terry, Thanks for your message.  You have been busy the past two days with this issue!  Nice article for mountain network news.

Regarding roles, there are two main ways I'd like to support this “resistance” effort, as you called it. One is to provide digital maps and related data, to help inform and motivate the community about the details of this logging plan.  (Such as the maps I displayed at Sunday's meeting.)  The second is to offer the use of our being-birthed Mountain Resource Group web site.  The site could allow you to share documents, photos, discussion forums, talking points, etc.  For example, the letters and articles that people are writing would be wonderful to collect on the site.  And, of course, the maps as well.

By the way, a potential name for the group jumped into my head today: "Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging." (NAIL).  I think it is useful to frame this as irresponsible logging, because that conveys the fact  that the group is reasonable and would not object to responsible logging. Terry, I am very concerned about this logging proposal, even though I do not live in the immediate vicinity.  I think it will be devastating to the forest, and set a bad precedent for other areas in the region.  Thanks for handling the important media stuff for this project.

Rebecca Moore
Founder and President, The Mountain Resource Group
www.mountainresource.org (coming soon)

Rebecca Moore
September 1, 2005