SJWC Logging Map, PDF Format (use this)

Something's funky with that TIF format, so I converted the map to PDF format. You can see all three pages, but it's still B&W so difficult to make out without some studying. PDF viewing tips:

  • In Acrobat Reader, the map will appear rotated and not to 100% scale.
  • To the right of the + symbol, there are two "stack paper" images with an arrow. Mouse over the symbols until you see the Tool Tip "rotate counter clockwise." Click that one to orient the map correctly.
  • Click the + symbol to enlarge the size (or click the magnifying symbol and then click the map until it is the size you want it to be)
  • Go through the pages by clicking at the arrows on the bottom of the viewer

Hope this helps!


Patricia Boswell
September 2, 2005