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The Mountain Resource Group is a non-profit organization based in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Our mission is to support local residents, community groups and emergency responders, in order to promote public safety, environmental awareness, responsible stewardship and informed and fair decision-making about our local resources. As individuals and as a community, we face unique challenges and responsibilities. We also share good fortune in being able to live in such a beautiful place. We'd like to help keep it that way for generations to come.


The Mountain Resource Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in February, 2005 by Rebecca Moore. Our mission is to educate and inform the public by gathering, analyzing and publishing important information related to natural resources and community assets in our semi-rural region. Natural resources include: land, watershed, open space, forest, wildlife, plants, sunlight and rainfall. Community assets include: private and public roads, local water systems and wells, emergency water sources and evacuation routes, recreational trails and historically-significant sites. Our goal is to support local residents, homeowner and road associations, community organizations, water providers and emergency responders, in order to promote:

Enhanced public safety, emergency pre-planning and incident response capability, including better collaboration and information-sharing among residents, first responders and local government

Environmental awareness, responsible stewardship and joyful use of our local natural resources, as well as sustainable living practices such as solar-electric homes, rainwater catchment systems and native plant restoration

Educational opportunities for local children in geography and mapping, natural science, conservation, outdoor navigation skills, trail building, local mountain history, Internet cartography and GIS (geographic information systems)

Collaborative community projects such as a Community Trail Network or FireSafe Community

Increased depth, breadth and dissemination of knowledge about our local resources, leading to more informed and fair public policy decisions

A better common understanding and appreciation of our region, its unique history, scenic beauty and precious natural resources.

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